When special circumstances require help beyond small groups and support groups, we can provide short term counseling. Our counseling team is highly qualified spiritually, educationally, and experientially to help work through your situation and provide effective Biblically-based perspectives and strategies. We offer individual, crisis, marriage and family counseling.

Our counseling team has been through the necessary training to help work through your situation and provide effective, biblically-based perspectives and strategies.

The goal is to lay a foundation and help people use a Christ-centered approach to address life’s problems by applying God’s truth found in His Word.

The counseling team offers individual, crisis, marriage and family counseling within a confidential, respectful and caring setting.

If you would like to request the counseling services of Crosspoint, please fill out the form below and one of our counselors will contact you soon.  

Pre-Marital Counseling

Our hope is to have engaged couples consider and be aware of the full weight of the commitment they are making. We know that the covenant of marriage is incredibly meaningful and significant and requires a level of investment on the front end to ensure a strong foundation is being built prior to the commitment being made.

For all couples considering marriage at or through the ministries of Crosspoint Community Church, you will need to participate in pre-marital counseling meetings with the pastor who will officiate your ceremony (or their designate).

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