Church Member


Pastor Eddie will be discussing the attitudes and responsibilities that come along with being a church member. Pastor Eddie addresses in detail what congregations should really be focusing on — praying for church leaders, being a functioning member, treasuring church membership, and more.

FEBRUARY 17 2019
Series Teaser

MARCH 3 2019
Part 1 - A Functioning Church Member

MARCH 10 2019
Part 2 - A Unifying Church Member

MARCH 24 2019
Part 3 - I Will Not Let My Church Be About My Preferences and Desires

MARCH 31 2019
Part 4 - I Will Pray For My Church Leaders

APRIL 7 2019
Part 5 - I Will Lead My Family To Be Healthy Church Members

MAY 5 2019
Part 6 - I Will Treasure Church Membership As a Gift

To learn more about the Crosspoint family, take a listen to Pastor Eddie’s concluding message of this series.

MAY 26 2019
Part 7 - Meet Crosspoint Community Church